Cabin version (optional) Machining center with 3 controlled axes and fixed table.  The axes slide on precision linear guideways and are driven by brushless motors.

Left and right stops manually operated. Equipped with quick tool change spindle.The 6-positions tools magazine is located on the right of the basement, inside a protected area.

Windows 10 industrial computer CNC. The clamps slide on linear guideways and can be positioned manually by referring to a mm-scale.


N.1 ISO 30 tool holder

-Spray mist lubrication

-Air filter

-Air gun

-Service keys

Technical Data

X axis Stroke mm. 3015

Y axis Stroke mm. 390

Z axis Stroke mm. 310

Electrospindle Speed rpm 15000

Power kw 4 standard or 8 kW optional

Tool Magazine 6 Overall Dimensions Length mm. 4000 Width mm. 1650 Height mm. 1600

Spindle speed: From 2800 to 18000 rpm

X and Y axes interpolation managed by CNC. Z axis managed by CNC.  

Touchscreen Windows XP based CNC with graphical environment: easier programming experience

 X, Y, Z movements with Brushless motors and high precision reducers, both mounted on racks with zero backlash. 

Working table height: 870 mm. Tool lubrication with discharge regulation.

 Maximum utilization safety thanks to safety barriers.

 No.4 Pneumatic Clamps movable on the working table. 

High and low pressure with safety valves. Automatic correction of the tool diameter trough the machine software.

 HSD Threephase Spindle: 4.5 kW – 18.000 rpm 400V 500 Hz. Pressure: 7 bar.  Adjustable feet.


- Cabin 3 sides with safety guards on the back - 3.500,00 €

- Full cabin 5 sides-4.650,00 €

- Noise reduction option for “Full cabin 5 sides”-500,00 €

- Automatic clamps positioning by spindle (ACP)-2.750,00 €

- 8 kW electrospindle - 4.000,00 €

- Micro drop lubrication with pure oil- 550,00 €

- Tool kit (2x6mm, 2 x 8mm, 2x10mm, 2x12mm, 8 x tool holders, 1xd.120 mm blade with tool holder) - 1.500,00 €

-Office software license - 1.300,00 €

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Coming Soon