1. Suitable for sawing angle processing of large end profiles of aluminum formwork;

2. An Italian high-power motor is used to drive the saw blade for cutting, with smooth movement and high cutting accuracy;

3. The angle can be displayed digitally, and the cutting accuracy is high;


Parameter Details:

Machie Size                      -                                L×W×H=2400mm×1200mm×1300 mm

Maximum end face size of processed profiles - (w*h):900*190 mm?30 degree?

Motor Power?                             -                        4KW/4.6KW

Voltage?                                     -                        AC380V/50Hz

Adjustable angle of workbench backrest?   -       21°?158 °?

Saw Blade?                                -                         ?600×?30×4.4×140T

Motor Rotary Speed?                  -                         2800RPM

Working Pressure?                     -                           0.6~0.8Mpa

Weight?                                      -                            1200kg

Saw blade height adjustment up and down? -        160mm

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