1. This machine is only used for the milling groove of various materials with 8 nos head router bits in the building aluminum formwork drawing system to facilitate the inner sealing of the end plate.

2. Gantry frame mechanism design, the knife frame is fixed, tooling drives the tempiate to complete the milling work, convenient for workers to put and unload materials.

3. The gas-liquid conversion cylinder to push the knife, fast and stable, without burr.

4. The milling height and depth can be adjusted, with strong applicability. Using CNC programming operation, can be unlimited repeated operation and continuous operation.



Processing travel                                                                           850mm

Travel of blade lifting up&down                                                     50mm

Clamper size                                                                                 540×2700mm

Platform size                                                                                 1400×3200mm

Accuracy Processing accuracy                                                     ±0.1mm/300mm

Repeat positioning Accuracy                                                        ±0.05mm/300mm

Structure Platform structure                                                         Specialized mould

Speed Max speed of idle running                                                 8000mm/min

Max working speed                                                                      4500mm/min

Main spindle Spindle power                                                         380v/2.2KW

Spindle rotary speed                                                                    0-9000r/min

Allowable load weight of the table                                                1400KG

Power supply                                                                                AC380V/50Hz

Running code                                                                                G code

Milling U-template length                                                              3000mm

Milling U-template width                                                               350-600mm

Milling travel                                                                                  300mm

Milling depth                                                                                  0-5mm (adjustable)

Milling diameter                                                                            36mm, 38mm, 40mm (optional)

Clamper                                                                                       Includes pneumatic clamping

Total power                                                                                  25KW

Dimension                                                                                   3810mmx1600mmx1850mm


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