Machine Introduction:

  1. This punching machine is suitable for punching side panels and keels of aluminum formwork with a cross-section width of 80-600mm, U-shaped formwork, and 100*100C slot to 200C slot.
  2. This machine can meet finned heights of 63.5mm and 65mm at the same time. It has strong versatility and is easy to interchange.
  3. Low-volatge uses Schneider brand.
  4. It adopts self-lubricating ductile copper sleeve, automatic oil filling system and adjustable time.
  5. Each punch needle is equipped with an automatic lubrication device, and the oil volume and time can be adjusted by yourself, which is convenient and fast.

Parameter Details: 

Machine Size                              -               3700x1200x2350mm

Workbench length                        -               3000mm 

Slider stroke                               -                75mm

Voltage                                     -                380v/50Hz

Total Power                                -                18 kw 

Motor Power                               -               15 kw 

Punching hydraulic pressure          -               18Mpa

Maximum oil pressure                   -                25Mpa 

Punch quantity                    -         single maximum  58pcs   -   Corresponding oil pressure 13Mpa, continuous punching is required

Punching distance                       -                 50mm

Punching time                            -                 5s/time

Workbench height                       -                  950mm

Machine weight                          -                   8700kg



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